BA (Hons) Photography

A drive to differentiate, quantify and articulate what we see permeates our day to day lives. Photography can often be casual and spontaneous but however we engage with image-making, it has the potential to identify who we are, influence our perspectives, shape the communities we live in and confirm our place in the world.   The accelerating democratization of photography that we are now witness to has not only transformed the medium but forced us to revise our relationship with the image, establishing its place as one of the most dominant forms of visual media. Photography drives and motivates our communal being. The cultural and geographical landscapes we inhabit are not fixed or a given, they ebb and flow as we move through them. They are powerfully influenced by our looking and constructed through the images we share.It is into this hybridity of place and time that the graduating class of 2021 offer their views. The work here represents a range of perspectives and approaches, not just to photography but to life. They speak of landscape, race, colonialism, the environment, gender, sexuality, spirituality, fashion, history, home and the virtual. With an independence of thought, and a critical eye, they are ready to be heard.