Joshua Stephens


Wrestling has a bad reputation in the media, and it's one that's been well earned. It's an industry that's always been rampant with bigotry and abuse, which makes it very hard to be a fan sometimes. However, there is another side of wrestling that often goes underrepresented. There is a very large and vocal LGBTQ+ fanbase for wrestling, particularly in the UK. Like many industries, allegations of abuse have been directed towards many of the industry's top stars. This is tragic, but it's allowed the scene to evolve so that more female and LGBTQ+ are being pushed to the forefront.

As a journalism student, I like telling stories from perspectives that aren't usually explored in the mainstream. I think presenting wrestling purely as a boys' club does a disservice to the diverse community that can be found by those who look for it. By giving a platform to those who aren't usually heard, it allows us to gain a deeper knowledge of any topic, not just something like wrestling.

Maffew Gregg
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