Lilly Farnworth


My name is Lilly Farnworth, and for the last three years, I have been studying Media and Communications BA. I have been actively engaged in social media and the discourse surrounding it since a very young age. The impact that social media has to influence different institutions and people's attitudes is something that interests me immensely- especially during the George Floyd Protests beginning May last year. During this period, I noticed how the majority of the information that I was receiving regarding the ongoing events was originating from social media, with people attending the protests posting the videos and photos that they took on social media revealing the actions of the police that the mainstream media were ignoring. Twitter was my main source of information and education, and I talked to many people at the time who did not use Twitter who were incredibly unaware of much of the violence because of what the mainstream media was representing, causing them to have a vastly more negative view of the protesters. This led me on to the topic of my dissertation- the impact of citizen journalism on the reporting of racial equality protest movements by news organisations in the United States.