Yara Ellethey


Yara Ellethey is a senior student at Coventry University, majoring in (BA) Media and Communications. Studying abroad in a foreign country has been challenging yet levitating. The idea of being challenged to go further and explore on a deeper level have always been a passion of hers to be able to push herself to the optimum level to achieve goal-oriented results. During the academic years at University, the interest in production and directing has started to develop each day. Therefore, the chosen final graduation project was a documentary infused with film. The targeted topic chosen was how sexualised clothing ads created by brands on Instagram have a great effect on young adults. As the student's home country is Egypt. The targeted participants were Egyptian university students living in Egypt. Exploring the effects of exposure to the ads these young adults have experienced has been quite interesting as there is cultural differences as a main aspect to it. She was inspired to focus on this topic due to the pressure she finds on many people around her to look a certain way, shop in a certain manner and the effects that go far and beyond on their mental and physical health.

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