Alanas Mickus

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Pact Coffee Kenya packaging concept – YCN Student Awards Competition

Hello, I am Alanas Mickus, a recent graduate from Coventry University with a degree in Graphic Design. I have sufficient work experience freelancing for companies in brand identity and I am looking to start my career in graphic design in a role where I can build a name for myself and use the tools and skills I gained while at university. Personal qualities that make me an ideal employee are my attention to detail, strong work ethic and the capability to work in solitude as well as with a team. I am hoping to find my next challenge in the world of design, and to grow my digital portfolio within an innovative, exciting company.

The design concept of Pact Coffee gave me the opportunity to express my branding skills through a unique brief with more freedom and creativity than any other. Pact Coffee sources its coffee beans from nine countries, with diverse and cultural differences. By describing each culture through illustration in each design, it connects the audience to the coffee and where it comes from. It expresses the impact it has on the farmers and the sustainable lifestyle it provides for them, which is key information for its customers. No two packages are the same.
Pact Coffee Kenya poster concept – YCN Student Awards Competition
Pact Coffee Kenya apron concept – YCN Student Awards Competition
Pact Coffee Kenya tote bag concept – YCN Student Awards Competition