Au Wing Miu

Hong Kong Institute of Design (HKDI)

“What is your dream?”

It is a question that we have been asked for our whole lives. So, what is my dream? I dreamed of becoming a baker, a teacher, a barista… Then I found that my dream is all about art. I love to draw everywhere, and my mind is full of fantasy. Like a tiny space that belongs to me only.

I am more than a graphic designer. More life experience, more creepy ideas, more inspirations; my purpose is to drive and influence people effectively through my work, which is much more important than only focusing on the visuals. Create better ideas and make change in the world.

Cherish House is an organisation that promote de-cluttering from inside to outside, from your mind to your house. We sometimes get stuck in negative emotions and stress because of relationship problems—it's time to let them go. We should think and cherish what we have. Please and love yourself. Stay away from toxic relationships. During de-cluttering, you may find out some sentimental items that trigger your emotions. Cherish House collects these items for exhibitions, that in turn, share your stories. Your story may inspire more people and encourage them to de-clutter as well.

Cherish Everything You Have.

The meaning of "de-clutter" is to cherish everything we have. Everything starts with nothing. When we go back to basics and turn to nothing, we will think about what we have. It is the truest moment to face ourselves, deeply and sincerely. Get rid of those harmful relationships and remind yourself who you are. We all deserve love and to love. Find true happiness and make yourself a priority. Cherish our joy, cherish our moment with love, cherish what we already have.