Axell Garcia Shandy

Raffles College of Higher Education

Born in a third world country, I grew up in a chaotic and unorganised environment. The world of visual communication challenged me to think that there will always be a more effective way of presenting information.

I create designs with a goal: to repackage information in a way that other people can understand more easily. The challenge comes when we add aesthetic appeal to the mix. I believe good design can be achieved when we strike that balance between the two. The Drowning Jakarta campaign is an excellent way to display that.

A real problem that the majority of people failed to realise is that Jakarta’s land subsidence issue might be a fatal threat to the city. The design focuses on the aftermath—with the sinking already in effect—to let people know that this is an ongoing danger. The very visible twist of the typography and the unique water-based collateral catches people’s attention, making way for the smaller subtitle and details to further educate them.

I believe that graphic designers have the advantage of using physical media to showcase our works, and that it goes beyond just paper. The Drowning Jakarta campaign displays a unique way of using liquid to further add a dimension to the design.

Axell Garcia Shandy

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

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