Bruno Cardoso Morais

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

'Confidence' - Concept for a Duolingo ad campaign – New Blood D&AD Competition

My name is Bruno Cardoso Morais. Being born in England to Portuguese parents has proven beneficial to me as I was given insights into both cultures and learnt how design is used to communicate. My aim is to graduate into a branding position allowing me to use all the skills I have developed. I also enjoy working on app layouts with the use of Adobe XD. My time at university has proven to play a crucial part in the development of my personality as a designer. It was through the mistakes that I grew—in order to get good, you have to be bad. As part of my journey I have gained professional experience through working with live clients while playing the role of a successful team leader, I am experienced in numerous different Adobe Creative Cloud applications, and I have taken extra lessons to enhance my knowledge of the software.

"It's through the mistakes that you actually grow. You have to get bad in order to get good."
Personal Project – Car advertisement campaign
Personal Project – Match-day graphic posters
'The Uninhabitable Earth' – Concept for Penguin book cover Competition
'Dogfished'- Concept for refreshing an existing 'Dogs Trust' ad campaign
'MIX'- Concept for 'Artisan' drinks ad campaign website - YCN Student Awards Competition