Chloe Ramli

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Hey! I'm Chloe Ramli. I am a graphic designer who is always looking for new and fun creative challenges in my journey to empower and sustain stories through creativity

As a follower of my own ambition, the space graphic design offers is very exciting and I admire it as a tool that shapes influence and innovation beyond visual creativity and cultural understanding—an outlook, I think, that has become very relevant in my own identity and creative journey as a Chinese-Indonesian in the UK.

Graphic design seems detached from the ingenuity of storytelling—at the core of it is something more than just solving modern corporate problems. I believe design is a process carried out by and for the people and while expanding on this dialogue, it aims to becomes a higher form of language that connects and narrates purposefully. From this standpoint, I am developing myself as a multimedia designer who specialises in art direction, brand design, copywriting and videography. Evoking and empowering, I trust my creativity to be sustainable and true at its least.

Bored in the house and in the house bored? Worried about the hassle of traveling?
C THE WORLD with me as we seize empowering stories through sustainable creativity and innovation!
My personal manifesto that is embedded in my logo
My submission for YCN 2021's ArtFund brief which features a stop-motion film that was created with my teammate (Syifaa Syafira)
A dangerous project that almost burnt my studio down trying to take this shot of a poster for the "Museums of Natural Disasters"
My downloadable font titled "Recollection" that is based on emotions
Making my own Lottery tickets as part of my "Visible Thoughts" project which highlights prejudice