Dmytro Dovzhanchuk

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

I have always been interested in creativity. I studied art from an early age through school until I discovered a passion for graphic design. My deep interest began in my teenage years as I was running my own YouTube channel and social media pages. I was still a student at school so I could not afford to put much money into the channel for things like graphics and equipment. My only choice was to work with the little equipment I had and to teach myself how to run my it successfully. This swiftly ignited my passion for graphics. I fell in love with the branding aspect of my channel, I loved doing everything from logos to thumbnails to intro animations, and would spend all my free-time outside of school teaching myself how to do it from scratch. Having spent several years doing both fine art academically and graphic design leisurely I quickly found that I was able to express myself digitally, rather than physically, with more freedom. For me, using software to generate art quickly became more enjoyable and more rewarding than traditional fine art approaches.