Emma Wicks

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

My interest within the design industry began with the study of fine art prior to Higher Education. Due to a more artistic background, I have always had a very creative way of approaching briefs. I believe this has helped me to generate alternative designs within my degree. I also enjoy including humour within my work, reflecting my bubbly personality. This makes my work interesting for viewers and ensures my concepts will be well received and quickly shared across social platforms.

My time at university has allowed me to develop my software skills. It has also given me graphic design knowledge on how to brand and advertise my own small business. After completing my internship, I had six months left before my final year at university. I decided to use this opportunity to set up my own small art business where I complete commissioned artworks as well as sell prints on Etsy.

Be a Keeper with Bumble Bee – ad campaign poster concept
'#BeLikeRoy, employee of the week reward system including advertisements and rewards
Point-of-sale design concept – YCN Student Awards Competition
EmmaDrawsStuff realistic drawings and prints
EmmaDrawsStuff realistic drawings and prints