Firas Ahzar

Raffles College of Higher Education

As an avid problem solver, I have a strong passion in providing workable solutions, specifically through design. As an ex-engineer who has to be particular with the right voltage so that a circuit doesn't blow up, to considering millimetre allowances so that a bridge will not fail, the detail-orientated trait has been nurtured in me making me organised and systematic which I bring to the world of graphic design.

Despite my methodical approach, I am also an unconventional risk taker who is not afraid to go off the grid. These two very different methodologies come together in unison to mould the designer that I am—a blend of artistry and utilitarian.

Naturalist is an urban gardening brand that connects people with plants.

They can grow them in the comfort of their home. People are able to grow their own herbs at home and use them for their daily culinary uses. This allows people to be self-sustainable, which is crucial during these times during a pandemic. Working and staying at home have been the "new normal" lately.

Having such food readily available for the household makes life and health easier for the ones you love at home.

Growing vegetables at home for cooking provides a whole new level of satisfaction than purchasing store-bought. Growing from scratch not only saves money, but it also eliminates the need for pesticides. Being self-sufficient not only benefits the ones you love at home, but also for the whole world.

Firas Ahzar

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

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