Malak El Shahawy

The Knowledge Hub Universities - Egypt

Hi, I’m Malak El Shahawy and I’m an Egyptian Year 1 graphic designer who is currently studying at The Knowledge Hub. If I could briefly summarise my work and my projects, I’d describe them as a blend of typographic solutions combined with other artistic graphic elements. Most of my work focuses on the balance between both, and how to use even the smallest of those elements, like the colour of a swirl of paint or the positioning of type to convey deeper concepts.

The projects I’m exhibiting are the most prominent outcomes I’ve made this year, including promotional material for a food festival and mystery box brand, and an illustrated ancient Egyptian story.

Although these may seem like completely different areas, they offer a glimpse into what design looks like from my perspective: a gathering of seemingly abstract but strategically meaningful elements to create a visual representation of a concept that relates to me and you.

Everything I’ve placed into these projects is a piece of me and my vision for the briefs I was given, so that in a way—design is my own vessel of expression.

My work as a whole focuses a lot on colour, like the colours placed in my ancient Egyptian illustrations, which each connote to different colour symbolism from that era. In my mystery box packaging, colour indicates each black T-shirt’s unique features, and in my festival posters, colour suggests a deeper meaning, which is the folktale the food festival is based upon. Everything I’ve made and the choices I’ve decided upon are deliberate in order to deliver things in a subtle but effective way, and through it all you can see my identity as a lover of culture, an Egyptian, and a detail-oriented and driven person.

Malak El Shahawy

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

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