Hello! My name is Mariam and I’m studying at Coventry University's Egypt branch with The Knowledge Hub Universities. I have just completed my first year of Graphic Design and am excited to show you some of my work.

My passions are art and particularly illustration—I am very keen to keep traditional art techniques alive in my work and I enjoy mixing digital and traditional methods to create interesting concepts and designs. I have definitely developed my own style of work over the last few years and I am excited to see where this leads over the duration of the course. I really enjoy learning about how designers are able to communicate with people through text and images and how different people can be given the same project and create something completely different.

I’ve worked through our modules with enthusiasm and interest this year, from designing packaging, creating and promoting an event, to creating a book and designing infographics. It’s been an amazing learning journey.

The final pieces that I chose to display for the exhibition are from the different modules I have taken over the year, and I also chose to show some of the developmental work that led to a final design.

Having a love of both traditional and digital art techniques has enabled me to explore and experiment with different approaches in my Graphic Design course work!

Mariam Ahmed

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

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Mariam Ahmed Lead Image