Rui Wu

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

My name is Rui Wu. I am from China. My major is Graphic design. I want to be a great designer. I like to use my curiosity to learn. In future work, I hope that I try to use visual symbols instead of words. I am very interested in typesetting design, font design and 3D design. I want to make complex things become simple things because I believe that less is more. Design needs powerful visual language to support it. My design style has changed a lot. During my studies, learning language, design and photography have helped inspire me to keep moving forward. I was exposed to traditional printing and new digital media. I can use different media to reflect my design concept. I can also master all kinds of design software, such as ID, PS , AI and so on. I also very much like watching movies and traveling and both give me amazing ideas. These ideas are my inspiration about designing.