Siu Kin Lai

Hong Kong Institute of Design (HKDI)

I believe in the power of “why”. Since I was a child, I always asked this question and kept looking for answers to different things that happened in life. This problem solving skill has become an advantage for me when I decided to study in graphic design.

In my student life, I learnt that art and design are different, the former is about self expression and the latter, problem solving. Aesthetics are not the only consideration in the design process, asking the question “why” is very important in every step of each design decision.

Buddhism, once known as one of the three major religions in the modern world, is the only religion whose number of believers will decrease in the future - largely due to the fact that Buddhism has an aged following. Therefore, "Lesstore" will strive to improve the 'old school' image of Buddhism for young people. We hope elements of Buddhism can be introduced into the lives of young people so that we use the decompression products to make six senses cut all the troubles, and in turn, integrate Buddhist ideas into it.