Yifei Fan

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Mahjong redesign

I like to find inspiration through practical research, creating concepts that become the basis of my project outcomes. In my work, my goal is to combine research concepts with modernist visual effects and to express ideas in a flat language. My current work concentrates on four areas: graphics, typography, layout and colour. In my research, I explore themes, find inspiration in my life, and combine culture and aesthetics. During the development process, I fully understand the briefs' requirements and how to answer them best.

The learning process has allowed me to experience a variety of art disciplines. I also got the opportunity to cooperate in group projects, which provided me with experience working and collaborating with partners.

I studied visual communication, language and design knowledge during my university studies. The learning process inspired me to establish my design style through continuous research and creation.

In addition to design, I like to travel to learn about different countries' culture and art, which can inspire me in the design process.

Work hard & be nice to people.