Hong Kong Institute of Design (HKDI)

I’m a graphic designer who has a passion for creating visual identities that live across online and offline touchpoints. As a thought-provoker filled with curiosity, I always learn and try. That drives my passion for creating visual solutions with diversity. I believe design is more than visuals and graphics. It’s more about the idea and strategy. Although the result is important, I value the process of design systems, design workflow, and communication. Working with multi-disciplinary practitioners gave me the chance to meet new people and challenges.

For my self-initiated project, my focus was to bring 'good' to the community and raise mental health awareness. The project was about self-care for young adults in order to relieve stress. It included a social media campaign and an online self-care planner with a reward strategy. It provided the self-care content with a caring and playful tone of voice.

A self-care campaign aimed to introduce easy and effortless coping practices for young adults to help them get through bad days.