Yujie Ye

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

I like to invent all kinds of whimsical ideas in my mind and then rationalise and present them. In my work, my goal is to satisfy customers while developing my ideal creation and without losing my personal characteristics.

I respect the needs of contemporary clients for the commercial design work, but if all design follows the same routine and the same thousand times, then the existence of the designer will lose its meaning.

I have developed lots knowledge and skills in different fields during my three years at university. I have made a qualitative leap in visual communication. Now my design will be more organised than before, instead of just relying on a flash of inspiration.

In addition to professional fields, I also have many hobbies of my own. I like to travel, and I like manga and anime (I particularly love Hayao Miyazaki, Naruto, and One Piece). I hope that one day I can better integrate these passions into my design.

To enrich my experiences and expand my abilities, I plan to take internships in China and the UK for a while, to get in touch with different environments to identify the future that best suits me.

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