Yunfeng Yao

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Graphic Design is always around us, and learning how to communicate in a visual manner has inspired me to learn more about the subject. The words 'create' and 'design' have always sparked a sense of enthusiasm and excitement within me. From an early age I have always had a creative characteristic which I feel is my most dominant quality. For many years I have enjoyed designing logos, packaging and devising creative campaign concepts.

My learning experiences during my undergraduate studies had a great impact on my personal growth. My college years, from which I obtained a graphic language and three-dimensional thinking, inspired me to create progressive concepts through my work. Afterwards, Higher Education led me towards a more diverse route of cross-border graphic design; I think visual communication design is not limited to two-dimensional outcomes. As I wrote in my dissertation, I pay more attention to multi-dimensional graphic design.

Design, in my mind, is not just a theory of creativity, it is more like a methodology that creates a more suitable environment for everyone.

'Talking Turkeys' – Concept for Penguin book cover Competition
Temporary Relationship – 100 Times Conversation – experimental design
Teschool ad campaign concept for Tesco – New Blood D&AD Competition
Pact Coffee design / illustration – YCN Student Awards project
'Pandemotion' Poster concept – Collaborative COIL project with HKDI