Ziyan Wang

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Give more care and love to stray animals. Animals are our good partners, and if you decide to raise them, you have responsibility for them

Hello everyone, I'm Ziyan Wang, a Graphic Design graduate. I am passionate about turning ideas into reality and I am interested in handicrafts and visiting exhibitions. In my project work, I devote all my energy to all disciplines: I am eager to add interesting elements in order to ensure that my work meets my expectations.

After three years of study, my current learning, knowledge and research have been integrated into various disciplines and work. These disciplines have also allowed me a broader vision and rich knowledge to better integrate into my works. When designing, I can use typography knowledge alongside a skilful application of visual communication so as to make a good balance, letting clients or my target audience feel the charm of the work. As I move into the future, I will continue to be passionate and take every design seriously.