Enya Szalay

BA (Hons) Illustration and Graphics

Hi I am Enya. I am an animator and illustrator born in Hong Kong and now based in the UK. During my time at Coventry University, I created by own stories and explored and experimented with storytelling through both still and moving image.

I am always inspired by my own experiences, people and nature around me. Recent projects explore psychedelic art and the metaphysical relationship between mind and matter.

Being a visual artist, I aim to share my humorous and emotion with the audience through moving images. Within my practice, I work with digital 2D animation, using bold colours and surreal elements.

My goal is to become an animation director and a freelance artist working with in both animation and illustration projects, combining positive messages with fun and surreal humour.

If you would like to get in touch or have a chat with me , feel free to contact me through email: enyaszalay01@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy the animation!

Bob who always has the same nightmare every night. He decided to find a solution online and brought him on a psychedelic trip.