Guanyu Huang

BA (Hons) Illustration and Graphics

Page 1-2 Illustration for KiKi Adventure in Wonderland

Hello, my name is Guanyu Huang, and I am a freelance editorial illustrator based in Coventry.

For my Major Project, I have created an illustrated book called ''KiKi's Adventure in Wonderland'' inspired by "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland". It features many fantastical locations and characters. KiKi goes on a series of adventures with the rabbit and the Red Queen, taking you into the heart of her dreams.

In my leisure time, I love to draw and enjoy exploring different styles and processes. Most of my illustrations are created using digital software such as Procreate and Photoshop, but I still like to get my ideas down on paper in the traditional way with a pencil.

My illustration "Tear of Crimson Pearl Flower" was recently shortlisted for the Communication Arts 2021 Illustration competition.

In the future, I plan to be a freelance editorial illustrator represented by a major illustration agency.

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Guanyu Huang is an up and coming illustrator who graduated from Coventry University in 2021. Her latest picture book named 'KiKi Adventure in Wonderland' puts a new twist on the familiar "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" story. She was required to complete some private commissions such as customized portraits and the entry of the CA Illustration competition. Besides, she achieved the shortlist of this competition. Deeply inspired by her experience both the decorative art course in China and her course at Coventry University. Her style has since developed a more childlike and dreamy approach.
The front cover of KiKi Adventure in Wonderland
Page 5-6 inside illustrations
Page 7-8 inside illustration
Personal illustrations
Tear of Crimson Pearl Flower