Victoria Adebowale

BA (Hons) Illustration and Graphics

Hi, I'm Victoria Adebowale a Graphic Designer currently in my last year at Coventry University studying on the BA (Hons) Illustration & Graphics course.

I translate my passion for design through a variety of visual art styles. Most of my work is graphic based, using software's such as Illustrator and Photoshop, however I am not afraid to explore other approaches and explore traditional mediums such as painting and print making.

My final major project I focused on the creation of a streetwear clothing brand, 'The Archives' inspired by the 80s. I have used this project to express my desire to work in Fashion Graphics. My project has given me the opportunity to showcase different approaches to streetwear and has allowed me to experiment with new art techniques, such as cubism. Designing clothing is something I am passionate about and I already have my own personal brand called byviclothing.

To see more of my work, you can find me on my website at:

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