Vitalia Gerenska

BA (Hons) Illustration and Graphics

For my final major project, I created a magazine publication about sex trafficking, aiming to awareness on an issue that is frequently overlooked, despite its severity. Through its experimental visually oriented design, the work aims to reach young, socially engaged people.

Hello, my name is Vitalia Gerenska. I am a digital illustrator and graphic designer, specialising in poster design, publication design, layout, and typography.
My goal as a visual artist is to ensure my work is well-rounded and diverse, balancing between provoking and functional, which is why I frequently combine a variety of softwares and media, including 3D modelling and texture generation, digital and analogue painting, photography, and more. The binding element throughout my portfolio is my signature post-processing style which features multi-color gradients, liquefied distortion, and blurs, giving the imagery a contemporary abstract feel.
If you are interested to see more of my work in detail, as well as some new exciting projects I am currently working on, including augmented reality and motion graphics posters, feel free to check out my online portfolio.

A start page spread for the first section of the magazine, which analyzes the victims of sex trafficking and the factors that can lead to vulnerability of certain demographics. The digitally painted collage of faces represents the similar, yet different stories every victim of trafficking has, while the liquified distortions and the arsenic green details are another reference to the horror of these real-life stories.
This page spread covers the severe and often physical and emotional damage caused by abuse, which is visually represented by a composition of soap bubbles and a procedurally generated corrosion texture.
These pages discuss external global factors such as cultural beliefs, insufficient government protection, poverty, and lack of opportunities, and how they are the main reason for the existence and thriving of slavery in certain regions.
It is no secret that Eastern Europe is a hot spot for illegal sex work and human trafficking. This is why the inspiration for the first poster in the publication comes from matryoshka dolls, which for me as a Slavic woman are the embodiment of beauty, but also delicacy and fragility.
For this diagram, I've gathered a variety of useful sources and contacts of institutions and organisations that provide help. It is designed to be detachable from the magazine and suitable to be put on display in places like schools, social service centres, rescue houses, etc.