Hong Kong Institute of Design (HKDI)

The climate and seasons it reflects are closely related to our lives. We can enrich our lives by watching the 24 solar terms and doing corresponding activities.
I hope to bring them back into people's lives in the calendar to remind us of the little things we might overlook in our daily lives. I want to bring out the meaning that every day is worthy of being recorded.

Today, our senses are enslaved by high-tech products and separated from the agricultural society. Twenty-four solar terms have become a dispensable existence for modern people.
I want to bring this kind of culture back to life. Whenever the solar terms pass over time, time seems to have regained its substance for us. Feel the real-time passing of each day in the experience of each slowly passing day on the calendar, let the calendar change from thick to thin to remind yourself that the year has come to an end.

‘Discover the beauty around you’
People always forget the beautiful things are happening, but the bad memory can’t have forgotten anyway.
They just need to remain of that great thing around us. We have to discover that. You can have noted that good things in their day.