MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

As always, it’s our pleasure to introduce the Coventry Product Design cohort. It’s unavoidable to mention the global pandemic we continue to experience, the resilience and resourcefulness of the cohort has been tested more than ever before and without exception the students have responded with positivity and enthusiasm. You will find their projects are thoughtful, responding to carefully justified and well researched topics which anticipate our post pandemic lives, products which add value to the lives of everyone they contact. Projects range from those augmenting personal safety, providing discrete monitoring and recording of physical and mental well-being, photography for the Instagram generation, products to enhance our relaxation, the experience of listening to music from vinyl as opposed to digital sources, re-imagining the home darkroom and transitional workspaces, all providing support for the changing lives we lead.

We design products to surprise and delight their intended audience and we hope that you share the optimism we felt while working with this year’s cohort. We are confident in their ability to contribute to a better designed future for us all.

From the PD course team we wish the cohort the exciting futures they deserve.