Amelia Young

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

I am Amelia, an individual continually advocating for equal health and wellbeing for everyone through design. In this project I chose to address mature women's health and an unspoken subject, menopause. I created a piece of wearable technology that is as beautiful as it is useful. With 40-50 million women in the US alone, and 10 million in the UK experience hot flushes with little to no help, this wearable will aid in the management, understanding and monitoring of hot flushes.

The Koray will use a high-accuracy electrodermal activity sensor to detect a hot flush up to 2 minutes before it is felt by the wearer. This will allow women to avoid over-treatment, and detect hot flushes automatically without extra attention. The corresponding app will allow women to input supplements and treatments they have tried and view long term and short term results in real time. Passionate about user-experience, the Koray is designed to be comfortable, size inclusive (ranging from size 4-32) and fully adjustable. Koray will never look like a medical device, it is an item of jewellery, designed to be treasured and boost confidence in the wearer.

First of it's kind menopause management and monitoring.