Chiwei Tsang

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

'Current' is an autonomous robot air purifier and vacuum cleaner. By communicating with a VOC (Volatile organic compound) monitor that you can place in any room, it will maneuver its way into any room that needs a quick clean. Current does this by understanding its location relative to the room via a lidar camera sensor.

According to my research, it is not the intensity of the cleaning session, rather the frequency which is the most effective way to prevent allergic symptoms from occurring. Therefore, it is important that Current can be used actively as a Vacuum Cleaner or passively as an Air Purifier for both types of VOC removal. Its goal is to encourage the user to clean more often by being easy to use and will actively remind the user through its presence.

Long-term consistency triumphs over short-term intensity.
Image of the 3 core features of the system, which are the Air purifying unit, VOC monitor and Hand-held Cleaner.
Image of Hand-Held cleaner in use.
Image of Air Purifying Unit and how air travels through the system.
Exploded view of the Air suction system and its components.