Dominic Raval

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

I am a Product Designer. I have a passion for making, and look forward to hands-on projects that bring me to the workshop. I enjoy learning and look for new opportunities to advance my skills in various areas of design with a strong belief that I will never truly stop learning.

My final major project, 'Repot', was designed as a solution that educates and inspires values of Healthy and Sustainable living surrounding fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens to improve the quality of life for the users and environment. The product is aimed at schools to teach children about growing their own food to raise a generation of more environmentally aware individuals to reduce, reuse, recycle & Repot.
A front view of the free standing design
A demonstration of how the lighting would aid in plant growth out of season
A close-up of the individual removable plant pots and recycled plastic main wall
A working prototype of my design with 3D printed pots and real plants to test usability of the product
A rear view of the wall mounted version of the design