Hafsa Rehman

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

Hi, my name is Hafsa Rehman. I am a designer who utilises the entrepreneurial and professional skills I have gained via education, campaigning and running my own business designing customised cakes for my clients. I create and design with a personal twist. With this originality, I successfully took part in and won a competition to pitch one of my designs to investment company Nova; in return I was selected the winner and I am currently working towards investment by gaining traction through a website I have designed.

I have recently graduated as a product designer from Coventry University and would like to introduce you to Anzen, the cake transporter designed to transport fragile and intricate cakes from your kitchen to the venue without any damages and accidents. To provide you peace of mind when delivering and helping provide a stress-free experience of delivering and presenting.

Made to remove your biggest delivery worries whilst making the process of baking truly worthwhile. Designed not only as a secure transporter but as a new way of presenting your spectacular cakes which will truly impress your clients.