Hengyuan Liu

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

Water-saving Urinal (Sink & Urinal in one)

I am a student who is studying product design. Since I was little, I have been fond of designing and inventing things, so I have great interest in design. In daily life, imperfect design greatly affects people's life, so I want to be a great designer to make life better.

Water is the source of life. On a global scale, we still face problems of access, use and disposal of water resources.

In our life, the water of daily sanitaryware in modern society occupies a large proportion, a large amount of water in life is consumed in the toilet, and the utilisation rate is very low.

This project aims to analyse and study toilet water equipment, and then explore the possibility of redesign or innovation, to improve water efficiency to a greater extent, enhance the user experience, and achieve the purpose of environmental protection and beauty.
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