Jack Baker

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

Introducing 'thera'

My name is Jack Baker and for four years I have undertaken the MDes Product Design course at Coventry University, including a six-month long placement as a junior designer at Skywide Design. Since studying at university I have grown as a designer, aspiring to create products that make a positive impact on people's lives. I gain real joy in turning ideas into reality and look forward to continue doing this for the rest of my career.

My final year project; 'thera', is a product that provides a way for people to combat their panic attacks and help with anxiety as an alternative to medication and, in some cases, therapy/counselling.

'thera' combines two products. Firstly, the ring that is worn throughout the day, tracking heart and respiratory rate, then providing grounding and breathing techniques to aid the user. Secondly, the AI hub displays the information gathered in the day, giving the user tips and tricks for avoiding a panic attack next time, learning what works best for the user as time goes by. The hub provides a way to reflect on their emotions and triggering scenarios and combat them, leaving the user feeling more confident day to day.

'thera' is a panic attack and anxiety relief product designed to positively influence the user's mental health and enable them to feel more confident in taking back control of their life.
There are three colour options for the product, darker colours for more discretion and lighter colours for people who are happy to show their mental health. All colour choices were made through research and WGSN trend reports, focusing on calming colours.
The ring has a subtle light that is easy to see by the user but not anyone else.
Initial conceptual drawings of both the AI hub and the ring in order understand form and potential function.
Exploded views of the AI hub and ring.
The ring is very discreet to non users.