Jacob Cave

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

Introducing Orbis by Jacob Cave. A recent graduate of Coventry University BA Product Design, currently in search of industrial design opportunities. Passionate about all aspects of design and always eager to apply design thinking to real-world problems. Experienced in multidisciplinary design from graphics through to mass production.

This final major project was driven by a desire to reintroduce control and tactility to those who desire functionality and real interaction in order to aid escapism using home audio devices. The manifesto of real interaction determined the rights a user has in relation to a product and ensured that the developed outcome allowed for these rights to be exercised.

Orbis is a smart record player, encouraging intentional real interaction whilst still allowing for current day modernity and ease. Smart records allow personal playlists to be created and updated, smart record activating the Google smart assistant, whilst also functioning as a typical record player.

Orbis - Not your typical record player.
The ideation and research led the project into using the natural tactility of a record player as a good foundation, exploring current trends in colours, materials, and finishes. The project quickly developed its own iconic visual language.
Orbis is supplied with a smart record, allowing the user to save custom playlists directly to each side of the record. This gives the user a tactile and direct way of interacting with the digital media. The tonearm acts as a progression tracing across the record showing the length. The dry erase sticker on the record and accounting sleeve allows the user to write on the playlist's name.
Also supplied is a smart assistant record in the form of Google Assistant. The smart assistant, when activated via the smart record, consists of all the features that make a smart assistant so useful. When the smart record is removed the microphone will not record nor react to any activation words.
Manufactured with easy construction and deconstruction in mind. The main shell is moulded from recycled PET recovered from plastic bottles, and the spade connectors between the internal components allow easy repair and replacement of components. Thus both designed to last and to be recycled.
Good design is… following a set of manifestos or morals that often go against the trends within design. Good design doesn't have to subtract from tactility and experience and so on occasion, it can be good to look back and see what made good design and explore today's insights.