Laura Lambert

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

The Lyra Activities Hub - laying down the foundations to help you grow!

Hello, my name is Laura, and I am a product designer with an avid interest in humanitarian and furniture design. I enjoy using a variety of mediums to share my ideas and explore my creativity. I am currently broadening my knowledge regarding UX and UI design, incorporating knowledge acquired during my Psychology A-level and research projects to bring my designs to life.

I decided to focus on the Coronavirus pandemic and its effects on education. My research identified a need to support children learning from home in a cognitively stimulating way across rural Tanzania. Child labour and a lack of resources contribute heavily to a lack of education and learning support for 7-9 year old children. I began addressing this issue by researching the Tanzanian primary school curriculum, as well as reading through cognitive development theories/studies. This lead to the development of the Lyra Activities Hub. It allows children to learn through play on a tablet designed with a 7-9 year old's curriculum and cognitive development in mind. The desk is designed for on-the-go learning and play; its simplistic mechanisms are designed with children in mind.

This product is hypothetical and has no affiliation to the Lyra charity.

Closed desk with storage box in place
Hinge mechanism
Top of desk (flipped upside down) with inner mouldings and components
Close up view of electronics
Internal electronics