Marco Man

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

A hero shot of U-Vita; one unit idle (left) and the other activated (right)

Hi, I'm Marco!

I am a Product Designer and a recent Coventry University MDes graduate who enjoys developing fresh, innovative ideas and above all, having a passion for learning new skills and knowledge in industrial design and beyond. Currently seeking an opportunity to develop and improve my skills in the industry. When I am not designing, I like to spend my time outdoors doing exercise like climbing and hikes, cooking, and socialising with other people!

U-Vita is about creating a sustainable and technological alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitisers (ABHS), as hand sanitisation remains at the forefront of infection prevention measures during this pandemic.

The goal of neutralising issues such as the application of insufficient amounts of liquid ABHS will not effectively sanitise hands, dermatological irritation like dry skin and increased single-use plastic waste from ABHS bottles.

Using 222nm Far UV-C wavelengths to kill microbes on the outermost layer of the epidermis (stratum corneum) without causing cytotoxic and carcinogenic issues (Based on a multitude of studies and papers). U-Vita emits this spectrum of Far UV-C while being designed to sanitise as users place their hands through the aperture of U-Vita.

An emerging future of non-carcinogenic 222nm Far UV-C wavelengths for hand sanitation.
A user approaching an activated U-Vita unit
2 U-Vita units in an office environment, separated with a divider for safer distancing rules
All the components and parts that are required for the assembly of U-Vita
Fully recyclable packaging for U-Vita (moulded paper pulp, double corrugated cardboard and soy ink printing)