Sam Hunt

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

Hello, I am Sam, a 23 year old student from St. Annes and have recently finished the final year of my MDes in Product Design at Coventry University. I have enjoyed designing a range of products at university from my wooden dinosaur toys for the 'Play!' project, to a space-saving folding table. My most recent project has been the most difficult, though rewarding as it has allowed me to see how my skills have developed over the four years. My final project is aimed at increasing accessibility and availability of food to help combat malnutrition and related diseases in less developed countries, focussing on Ethiopia. Severe health issues resulting from a poor accessibility and availability of good quality foods are commonplace in many countries globally. First thoughts are often to 'increase food production', however these efforts tax already scarce resources. Reducing losses means more available food and less wasted resources. Resources are wasted as large post-harvest loss, mainly during transportation and marketing. I wanted to design a product to allow local farmers to better protect produce in transit and at market. It protects produce from many sources of damage while also being usable as a backpack and water carrier.

'Increasing production taxes already scarce resources, but reducing losses means more available food and less wasted resources,'