Stephanie Hook

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

My name is Steph and I live in Coventry. I am an outgoing, friendly individual that enjoys using my imagination and creativity to generate solutions to different problems. My final major project focuses on the 7–11 year olds in the UK care system and the typical problems they face on a daily basis. Foster children are constantly moving from one household to another, having to start over in new places, meeting new people – a product that they can call their own seemed essential. Oblik Blox enhances the user's creativity whilst providing the opportunity to make the audience feel secure both mentally and physically in their own home.

The 40-piece inflatable set allows the audience to use their imagination to create whatever they want, wherever they want – the possibilities are endless. Oblik Blox helps to build relations, express emotions and teach love, care and affection through communication.

Using eco-friendly Repreve from Unify for the inflatables, Regenerated Nylon from Econyl for the covers and non-toxic PVC from Baby Care for the playmats, allow each of my components to be 100% recyclable. In conjunction with the Oblik Bloxcycle scheme, the cradle-to-cradle design is highly sustainable.

Who doesn't enjoy designing for children? Just let your imagination run wild.
Providing a foot pump, backpack and Velcro strip tape, the 40-piece modular inflatable structure along with the 2 playmats that triple up as a roof or side panel, allows safe spaces to be built effectively.
Using the Velcro strip tape to add stability, the structure can be built off different surfaces like walls, bedframes and furniture to save floor space when building indoors.
Using the same set of 40 inflatables, the audience members can create many different dens – using communication and teamwork not only enhances relationships but it allows the users to use their imagination to create limitless fantasy structures.
The Oblik Blox website allows the audience member to create their own structure online and order unique one-off sets to fit their personal space. The user can input their measurements and either create an Oblik Blox creation from scratch, block by block, or click the randomise button to cycle through pre-sets.
The Oblik Blox phone application, available on IOS and Android, uses Augmented Reality to allow the audience member to visualise and build structures. The user can then order and/or later copy the desired design.