Tarun Prema

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

FlintXL Hero shot

Hi, I'm Tarun Prema.

I'm a Product Designer who loves to innovate and develop new ideas, projects and adapting new skills to prepare myself for industrial design.

I'm a recent graduate from Coventry University and along the way I have spent time learning new skills in Adobe, 3D CAD software and sketching but I hope to gain more experience in my design career and to enhance the skills I already have. During my time when I'm not designing, I spend my time playing video games, reading comics, exercising and socialising.

Wildfires are occurring more around the world and the importance of communication needs to be emphasised between the residents in wildlands and emergency responders.

FlintXL is an outdoor alarm device that alerts users in rural areas in California of oncoming wildfire dangers that will pose a threat to their health and wellbeing. This device connects to an off-base network hub that is controlled by wildfire responders to effectively communicate with users in wildfire risk areas. The FlintXL hub is a personal alarm and weather station for the home with frequent weather updates with an alarm for early evacuations.

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