Yuchun Tam

MDes / BA (Hons) Product Design

Designing products is my passion. My life goal is to build my own house and design all the products inside. I spend my spare time improving my 2D and 3D presentation skills and design philosophy. I like to see design from the users' perspective so I am studying personality types and the science of creativity and aesthetics. I am looking for job opportunity to refine and apply all my skills.

There are more and more electronics being used in the bathroom, for example the electric toothbrush, shaver, hairdryer or other hair-shaping tools. These product all come with a different charger or a long cable which is disorderderly and ugly. Users might also need extra sockets to use them. KATA is adjustable base for families. It require only one cable in the bathroom for a family of any size. It also aims to reduce as many unnecessary functions as possible to make it user friendly for any age, and create a direct and minimal experience for the users.