Aiden May

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Innovation on water

My design philosophy is to be avant-garde and progressive with design, trying to find new styles and re-approaching the way we see traditional design. Experimenting with form,
pushing the boundaries and emphasis on detail is the key to creating "wow".
I strive for "wow"

M.Y. Ts'ai Shen is a 110m, level 5 autonomous superyacht for a Chinese customer in 2045.
The meaning behind the name Ts'ai Shen comes from Chinese mythology. Ts'ai Shen is portrayed riding on the back of a black tiger and always carrying a club made of gold. This is echoed in the design with a black façade and a gold stripe along the waterline.

The aim of this project to is re-evaluate both the design and functionality for a futuristic superyacht in 2045.
By abolishing the traditional tiered design with a sleek, privacy driven exterior form. This allows the introduction of robotic crew that pushes the boundaries, integrating future technology into yachts.

Chinese culture embraces respect and humbleness. Therefore creating a yacht ant values privacy whilst respecting the environment is perfect for this new emerging Chinese market.

Aiden May

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport

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