Arun Roebuck

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Explore and Respond

I am captivated by science & technology and have an interest in space, therefore I decided to go for the unconventional project of a manned mars rover. Going to Bradford Grammar School really nurtured my passion and skills in design, leading to me winning an award for my bike phone accessory project in year 10. In year 11 I won the award of "Best GCSE project" with an illuminated wine display unit and this paved the way for me to achieve an Arkwright Scholarship in Engineering. I was also selected as a Beta tester for the Razer Nabu fitness band, where I provided product feedback. As part of my scholarship I was able to secure myself work experience with Blackhall Engineering where I gained experience in CAD in a design studio setting. When it came to learning Alias at university I feel I was at an advantage compared to some other class mates as I had experience using CAD before and therefore experienced accelerated learning. I still feel eager to learn and develop my skills in Alias, so I am planning to undertake freelance work until I can find my job as an Alias Modeller.

Private space firms are planning to colonise Mars within 10 years. Utilising reusable rocket technology to supply the colony with resources as it grows and becomes self-sufficient. Once colonists get to Mars specialised vehicles will be crucial to help them overcome various daily challenges. The solution is Prosperity, a manned vehicle for a Martian colony powered by lithium-ion batteries and electric motors. Prosperity is equipped with overnight accommodation and a laboratory to help locate useful resources. Prosperity has a modular design so as the needs of the colony change it can adapt to the new requirements.

Arun Roebuck

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport

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