Benjamin Brandenburg

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Explore and Respond

Currently I've just qualified from Coventry University studying Automotive Transport Design. As my portfolio shows I have an interest in all areas of design and well adapted and motivated to look into the new ideas and new ways to approach design and learning. My design approach is very much based around getting my ideas down and pursuing them as efficiently as possible. Placing my sketches into a quick CAD format to understand my design in three dimensions and take forward into photoshop expression and design work. I have covered a wide range of work and have adapted quickly to whatever is thrown at me. I am keen to learn and love to be able to talk and explore new areas to expand my knowledge. It, therefore, makes me a great candidate to enter a work environment that needs people eager to learn. I have my own freelance commission business that I take on artwork or design work for clients and supported myself through university this way. This having given me a sense of self worth in my work knowing that I'm being creative and in an industry that suits me.

The Orflaiths purpose is to make a hospitality experience on a catamaran that takes brutalist architectural design as its main inspiration. The vessels design will create an environmentally friendly experience for different demographics. Ultimately the design reflects my persona and supports his company's ethos.