Charles Deane

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Innovation on water

Users enjoying the vessel in the beautiful archipelago

Having just completed my 4th year of Automotive and Transport Design, I have found a passion and strength in Yacht Design. Looking forward I am keen to get some hands on experience in the Yacht Design industry.

The vehicle Is a rentable hydrogen powered houseboat for up to 5 people to be used in the Stockholm Archipelago islands. The vessel is designed to be fully autonomous and perform all operational functions such as navigation and mooring to negate the need for prior marine experience.

When users first board the vessel, they will decide which locations they would like to visit using the Information Bar display. The vessel will navigate autonomously and once it reaches the chosen location, the vessel will use its stilt mooring system which will lift the weight of the vessel from the water to keep it stationary.

Once in place users are able to have the privacy screens lowered to become swim platforms that extend the outdoor space. Canoes housed in the garage under the stern deck are also available for users to further explore their environment.

Once the trip is complete, the vessel will return the users to Stockholm and prepare for the next guests.

A Catamaran to discover Stockholm's Archipelago islands in a self mooring, fully autonomous vessel supporting users by allowing them to curate their ideal experience.
A view of the sun deck facing the stern with canoe ready to use
A view of the Salon
The dressing room located behind the bed in the master bedroom
The spa, joined by 'jack and jill doors' giving access to both bedrooms. Spa room contains sauna, shower and vanity unit
The Second Bedroom comprises of 3/4 size bed below and single bed above

Charles Deane

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport

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