Daniel Chinn

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Autonomy

Social Nature
With technology ever present in our lives, this project is about bringing people together, face to face. A social space for entertaining, an area that allows the user to interact with a naturally inspired environment, gaining the mental/physical rewards that nature has to offer. It will be a Hydrogen/Electric powered autonomous city vehicle, rented by the customer through the use of an app, giving them the choice of three interior layouts to accommodate their required needs. It will be rolled out in cities in the year 2030.

About Me
Having come from a family of designers, I was destined to follow that pathway. My chosen route is 3D Modelling. I am a motivated, organised and hardworking individual driven to succeed. I have aspirations to pursue a career in Clay Modelling, Hard Modelling or Rapid Prototyping.
During my 3rd year of university, I gained 8 months of industry experience working at Vital Auto. Here I worked alongside professionals and learnt a variety of modelling techniques on projects for well-known brands.

Social Nature, because it is within our nature, to be social.