Edward Johnson

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Urban systems

Theatrical Luxury in 2070: Stealing the show in a new automotive sector.

My name is Edward Johnson, and I have studied automotive and transport design at CU since 2018, although my explorations in design reach back much further. My goal as a designer is to challenge automotive convention with aesthetic and functional innovation. I encourage users and viewers to think about vehicles in a way they had not previously considered. My designs use simple shapes and outlines in originative ways that draw out their inherent beauty, which allows me to create character and identity in a design that needs no explanation. My design philosophy can be summarised as timeless simplicity, from the future.

What will ultra luxury means in 50 years time? How will electrical powertrains shape vehicular form? How will sustainability and fashion meet in the automotive future? This project answers these questions with a vehicle that delivers a unique experience in a new automotive sector, defining ultra luxury as "theatrical luxury".
The vehicle is divided into 3: two single seat "horses" to transport an entourage, and one "carriage" with room for two. The sections are gyroscopically balanced and connected with flexible fabric, increasing maneuverability.
Final 2D renders before moving into 3D modelling.
The interior sits within the exterior, rotating to allow two occupants to exit simultaneously.
Interior construction and fabric section attachments.