Jack Hurst

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Urban systems

I have always preferred to design in 3D; this was reinforced using Google Sketch Up in secondary school to complete a project that utilised car components to create a mechanical chair which won me 'A2 Designer of the year'. During my time at Coventry University, I naturally found a real passion for 3D modelling, especially in Alias. Converting 2D into 3D can be a challenge however, it is something that I enjoy and find satisfying to accomplish. Although I have learned the basic knowledge of Alias from lectures, I have taken the initiative to develop my skills via trial and error. I have experience with problem solving in various design software as I progressed through the course of my University degree. Furthermore, I am always looking for opportunities to gain experience as an Alias modeller.

The Bubble 2035
Due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2019, public health and wellbeing has been of huge concern. This has created a paradigm shift meaning the population will become more conscious of pathogens when out in public. In this project I aim to produce a fully autonomous, self-sanitising private hire vehicle for people travelling in their own social bubble within London, to lower the chances of infection and make public transport worry-free.

Jack Hurst

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport

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