Jacob Ashmore

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Personal Mobility

Over the last three years at Coventry University specialising in Automotive Design, I have become proficient in initial 2D to 3D concept creation, utilising both traditional and modern mediums. Like most, my work flow starts on paper. However, I have found that moving into SUB-D modelling (Alias and blender) shortly after the initial concept stage, allows me to rapidly progress different ideas.

I am passionate about pushing the boundaries of the current design formula, whilst incorporating new innervations and sustainable solutions. This is what I believe will push us into the next generation of design.


A Modular Cross Racing (MXR) land vehicle which is a part of a transferring system from Air to Land, Set in the year 2060. The vehicle uses environmentally conscious materials and zero emission technologies. This is in most part, due to the concerns of our environment which will be a very prominent factor in the future of racing.

As a result of my designs transferring system, I have created a new segment in the racing industry. If it were to become a championship, teams will have to develop their modular vehicle to meet the requirements to be able to compete against each other.

" A unique and innovative modular transferring vehicle for the future of racing."