Jakob Graham

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Innovation on water

Project ZEN - Autonomous Explorer Yacht

Project Zen is an Autonomous Explorer Yacht designed to offer users a personalised and curated travel experience through short 'Island Hopping' leisure trips. This 2030 Proejct puts greater emphasis on allowing users to reap more physical and emotional benefits of outdoor activities alongside travelling away from busy urban enviroments and off the beaten path.

I am looking for the opportunity to enter the Yacht design industry as a junior designer upon finishing my university degree. During my 4 year design journey studying at Coventry University, I was able to work on a handful of Nautical design projects which piqued my interests in this field. Whilst working on my final project, my passion for Yacht design blossomed which is why I strive further to become part of this industry.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my project and you can see the full project portfolio on my Behance in the contact information.

Jake Graham

A curated and personalised nautical experience for the year 2030. Autonomy allows passengers to navigate and explore safely. Travel away from urban enviroments to islands and explore the path less journeyed is made possible through Project Zen.
Sunset Evening Render
Detailed Exterior Render
Detailed Exterior Render