Jan Martin Fladmark

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport – Explore and Respond

Hero-shot of the craft in a flooded city

In 2020 I took part in an industry collaborative project with Lexmoto/NTDC, which was extended to a summer consultancy. My design, an electric moped with modular accessories, was among the eight projects shortlisted for the final review.
Since then I have been working on improving my skills and creating my final major project.

Due to global climate change, extreme floods are becoming more common and severe. We need a Search & Rescue system that can handle this challenge.
The Nightingale Flood Emergency Rescue System combines a rugged and amphibious craft with supporting drones and a central hub, creating an overview of the situation and carrying out a full-scale rescue. With a modular pod, the craft adapts to task at hand.
All this is achieved while using sustainable materials & batteries.
Front 3/4 Render
Rear 3/4 Render
The craft in action, showing autonomy, safety features, and pod transfer
In-depth look at materials & functions of the craft

Jan Martin Fladmark

BA (Hons) Automotive and Transport

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